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BEDRA Wire BercoCut 0,20 mm 500N K125

BEDRA Wire BercoCut 0,20 mm 500N K125

Article No.
Minimum order quantity
16 kg
In stock
Short description
Brass wirel CuZn37
Diameter: 0,20 mm
Semi hard (500N/mm2)
K 125 spool, Vacuum packing

The price is given in Ft/kg

Packaging unit and minimal order:
1 box = 4 spools = 14 kg

BEDRA QUALITY with +0,0015/-0,0015 mm tolerance.

Suitable for angled undercuts and vertical cutting too.

Tip: Make sure, when transport and storage the spools, they are lying,
so the threads do not slip into each other.

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