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EKO Ioniser replacement tank

EKO Ioniser replacement tank

For wire EDM machines.

Instead of resin, long life, maintenance-free, environmentally friendly.

The EKO IONISER system completely replaces traditional resins, and this is an environmentally friendly replacement system, with long lifetime.
Based on the high performance, suitable for pre-deionising and the inside de-ionising too.
This device complies with 200 liters of resin. The measurement of the performance used new (not regenerated) resin and with 20 liters of resin barrel.

The EKO IONISER lifetime is dependent on:

=- Refilled the fresh water flow (evaporation in the summer)
=- Filter type - state and size of the filter (filter fineness)
=- The configured conductivity in the working area
=- The worked materials (hard metal and copper)
=- The water status in the EDM machine.*

* IMPORTANT: Chemicals like oil, cleaners, rust inhibitor, etc. in the water are significantly reduce the lifetime of EKO IONISER!

Change needed if:
--- The KORROSTOP meter display is flash red
--- The de-ionising process is takes longer than usual
- The EKO IONISER older than 12 mounth

The smooth operation of the following storage conditions must be met:

- Max. storage period of 6 months
- storage temperature should be between from 5 to 35 degrees Celsius
--- should be protected from frost and direct sunlight
--- Do not store it laying down
--- Protect from sudden temperature change

If we change the EKO tank, then we must leave the water in the device.
The new tanks are also filled with deionised water, so there will be no water scarcity in the EDM machine.

Protect the tank from damage.
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